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FOSK Mirrors, the company behind MovableMirrors.com

Who is behind Movablemirrors.com?

The company behind movablemirrors.com is FOSK Mirrors. FOSK is a young company located in Joure, in the northern part of the Netherlands, and has become an expert in the field of mirrors. We produce the FOSK mobile mirrors ourselves, so you buy directly at the manufacturer.

What is the history of the mobile mirror wall?

Our first mobile mirror wall dates back from March 2010. Back then we used a galvanized steel frame around the mirror and the hinges were located in front of the mirror parts. Since then, the mobile mirror wall has experienced quite a development. For instance, the frame around the mirrors has been removed and the mirror parts are now poly cut around the edges. The zinc protective layer is replaced by a hard powder coating, which is available in any RAL colour. The hinges have been modified and are now placed out of view. The doors have been equipped with casters, which are adjustable in height because experience taught us that floors are often not as flat as expected.

This made it tricky to unfold the mirror wall and it was quite a task to move it over a threshold. The casters are now more robust, more elegant and leave no marks on the floor. Furthermore, our product line has been expanded with models varying from 1.25 to 5 meters and we have added the round tube model. We use the latest technology to create and maintain a high quality product. We stand behind our product, and therefore the entire mirror wall, when used normally, comes with a 3 year long warranty. But even after the warranty period is over, you can still come to us with questions, comments or any problem you might experience with your mirror wall. Occasionally, we provide second hand mirror walls at a reduced rate, or we can make an offer, for example, to exchange your mobile mirror for a fixed mirror wall or a different model.

More than mobile mirrors?

In addition to mobile mirrors we place fixed mirror walls, which you often see in fitness- and sportscentres. We also place ballet mirrors with the mounting integrated in the mirror so you don’t have an obstructive pole on the floor. Furthermore, you can find our mirrors in several riding-schools in the Netherlands and abroad. A special kind of mobile mirror is the folding mirror wall. This mirror wall is a mobile mirror wall without the legs and casters, which can be mounted on a wall. Thus, the advantages of a mobile mirror are combined with the advantages of a fixed mirror wall.

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