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What is a mobile mirror?

A mobile mirror is, like a fixed mirror, a tool to help you to correct yourself while dancing, sporting or performing any other activity. The mobile mirrors of FOSK Mirrors are mounted on a solid, steel frame with casters so you can place the mirror wherever you want and however you like.

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What can i use a mobile mirror for?

Dance and ballet

The mobile mirrors are well suited for dance and ballet. While rehearsing choreography it is very important for you and your instructor to be able to see your movements well. With a mobile mirror you are not dependent on the positioning of a fixed mirror. The mobile mirror can be positioned the way it suits you best. Our mobile mirrors have been used for various shows and musicals such as So you think you can dance and Peter Pan.

Sports and physiotherapy

During sports and physiotherapy the mobile mirror is a useful tool to observe the exercises. The convenience of mobility with the mobile mirror comes to its full advantage when you are renting a place or when you are setting up a practice or gym at home with (short term) plans of moving to another location.

Stores, events and exhibitions

A mobile mirror can also be used as a full-length mirror in a fitting room or as a background when presenting a new product at a fair or other event. You can also rent a mobile mirror if you are looking for a temporary mirror in your clothing store or at a sports event. Please contact us about the possibilities.

Movable Mirror, essential for professionals

FOSK mirrors offers various models in different sizes. Check prices and sizes or request a customized quote.

Features in detail

The mobile mirrors of FROSK Mirrors have been around for over 5 years and are used by customers with great satisfaction. Customer experiences, new insights and new opportunities have resulted in constant development of the mirrors. Every detail has been carefully considered several times. The mobile mirrors have the following unique combination of qualities:

1 The mirrors have been positioned on the frame in such a way that there is no need of a list around the mirror. If you place several mirrors side by side there will be little to no interruption between the mirrors.

2 The unique hinge structure of the folding mirrors minimizes interruption between the different parts of the mirror.

3 The edges of the mirrors have been poly cut, making them less susceptible to crack and giving the mirrors a sleek finish.

4 The mirrors are glued to a delaminated rear plate, which ensures the mirror being impact resistant and easy to clean.

5 The non-marking casters allow the mirror to be easily moved without leaving marks. Two casters are equipped with a brake to securely place the mirror.

6 The casters under the doors of the folding mirrors are adjustable in height, so while moving they do not get in the way and while standing still they provide good support.

7 The ideal ground clearance of the mirrors is low enough to be able to see your feet and high enough to get over a threshold without the risk of damaging the mirror.

8 The sturdy steel frame of the mirrors is provided with a two-layer powder coating, making the frame well protected against damage and giving it a neat appearance.

9 The frame and the rear plate come in standard white but are also available in other colours.


For long-lasting enjoyment of your mobile mirror we have a professional cleaning set, which can be found in our catalogue (cleaning set). This set is also used by us to clean the mirror before it is delivered.

When cleaning the mirror it is important to minimize the use of water. The mirror itself can be cleaned with commonly used cleaning products such as glass and mirror cleansers and nonabrasive and non-corrosive products. We advise you to pollinate the mirror with a special mirror cleaner (1) and then distribute the cleaning product with a clean window strip washer (2) on the mirror to rub out dirt and stains.

After that you can use a clean window wiper (3), applying an overlapping motion. Finally, use a microfiber cloth (4) to thoroughly clean the edges of the mirror; this prevents the edges from corroding.

The rear plate to which the mirror is glued to is only partially protected against water and cleansers. When using abrasive and corrosive cleaning products you will risk to damage the rear plate. Therefore it should be cleaned only with a damp cloth and a neutral cleanser.

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