FOSK Mirrors offers a standard 3 year warranty

The warranty of Fosk mirrors

All mobile mirrors and ballet barres of FOSK Mirrors come with a 3 year long warranty. The exact regulations are included in our terms and conditions. For your convenience you will find the most important items below:


The mobile mirrors and ballet barres come with a powder coating that protects the steel frame from external corrosion. As long as the product is not used outside and only cleaned with a damp cloth, the risk of corrosion is minimal and your mirror or ballet barre will be very durable. However, if somehow the powder coating is damaged, we recommend you to treat the damage with a lacquer pen. Please follow the instructions on the packaging of the lacquer pen and remember to perhaps cover your (ballet) floor.
Our mirrors are inspected several times during production, but sometimes a defect is only noticed during use. When this is the case, please let us know: we will provide a replacement product or find another suitable solution.


The casters of our mirrors are sufficiently strong to support the heaviest mirrors, yet it may happen that a caster breaks. This occurs mainly when the wheel has had to endure heavy impact, for example by roughly pushing it over a high threshold. Two of the casters are provided with a brake. If you try to move the mirror while the brakes are still on, you will hear a click as a sign of warning. If you move the mirror while the brakes are still on, the mirror will be damaged.
If a caster does break, please contact us for a replacement. We would like to receive the broken caster from you, so we can examine what caused the damage, and how we can improve the caster.


Our mobile mirrors have a robust design to ensure high safety. However, a mirror remains a fragile product. The edges of the mirror can be damaged when bumped into a hard object. Therefore it is important to move your mirror with care, to open and close the mirror gently and to place multiple mirrors next to each other carefully.
In order to prevent shards from flying around during impact, the mirror is glued to a rear plate. Damage to the edges, however, can cause small splinters to come off. To prevent this we can, on request and at additional charge, apply NEN-12600 certified foil to the front side of the mirror. This foil does not have any effect on the sight or the reflection of the mirror. However, the delivery time of your mirror may be a little longer.
When the mirror breaks because of incorrect mounting on the frame or by a design error in the frame itself, it is covered by the warranty. Scratches on the mirror upon delivery are also covered by the warranty. Please check this upon delivery and sign to confirm the correct delivery.


Over the years there is a possibility of moisture creeping into the edges of the mirror layer. This is not covered by the warranty. You can delay this process by cleaning the edges of the mirror and the frame with a damp cloth and then immediately dry them.

Defects outside the warranty

If there is a defect after the warranty period is over, or a defect that is not covered by the warranty, we will gladly help you. If the defect is unusual considering the expected lifespan of the product, we will repair or replace it. You will receive a quotation in advance should there be any costs.

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